When you think of home, you probably think of relaxed and familiar surroundings: your favorite foods, special easy chair, quiet tree-lined neighborhood streets, and friendly companionship. That’s what Brookside Care’s facilities are all about.

Unlike most large group homes we have two home-like facilities that are beautifully appointed, comfortable, safe and secure.

Just Like Home Because It Is Home

You will not be able to distinguish Brookside Care’s homes from other homes in the neighborhood because they look just like all the other homes on their blocks-and that’s the point.

You won’t find any signs in the yard, no institutional complex of identical rooms, no impersonal hallways lined with residents. What you will find is the enticing aroma of home cooking, clean bedrooms and bathrooms and residents enjoying each other’s company.

The small “family” of residents and caregivers share stories, meals and quality time together. Loved ones are free to drop in any time for a visit and are welcome to stay for lunch or dinner.