Getting To Know You

Change can be difficult for anyone, regardless of age. On top of that, moving can be even more discomforting. Familiarity breeds comfort. That’s why we want to get to know you and for you to get to know us.

In our Getting to Know You program, we strive to make your transition as smooth and comfortable as possible. For each new resident, we connect a special team member to provide encouragement, guidance and support. This dedicated staff member will introduce themselves the day you move in, learn

more about your interests and hobbies, and remain available to you while you become acclimated.

We take the time not only to get to know you, but also your family, and we want to learn what matters most to you. Our promise is to always be available to answer any of your questions about our services and care — or simply be there when you want a familiar, friendly face or someone to talk with.


Let’s Get Acquainted

  • I. Prospective Resident Information

  • II. Contact Information (If different from prospective resident)


    III. How did you hear about Brookside Care?


    Brookside Care Representative